Horácio Viegas, certified artist at the National School of Applied Arts and Crafts (Ensaama Olivier de Serres - HESAM Université) Ecole Nationale Supérieur des Métiers d`Arte et des Arts Appliqués, in Paris, France.

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With vast experience and execution of works carried out in the most prestigious and emblematic monuments of great beauty of artistic construction, such as:

Palace of Alexandre Dumas (Marly-le-Roi)
Notre Dame de Grâce Chapel in Honfleur
Notre Dame Church (Chateou)
d`orleans cathedral
Basilica of Lisieux
Church of St. Sornin

With the privilege of increasing their skills and mastery over stained glass, by carrying out works in collaboration with renowned masters: Louis René Petit, Martial Mayel, André Ropion.

(Here is a special thanks to the excellent guidance and teaching of these great Masters mentioned above)

Horácio Viegas is a renowned stained glass artist. With works carried out in virtually every corner of the world.

The dimension, translucency and texture that he manages to achieve with Stained Glass enhance the beauty of his works.

Below you can see the journey of some of the best stained glass works and reconstructions, as well as the entire journey and life story of this great master of stained glass, Horácio Viegas.

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Curriculum of Horácio Viegas
Master of the Stained Glass art

Date of birth: 21/01/1956

Taxpayer No: 154517887

  • 1975/2001
    Academic Qualifications

    1975 - Mecanotecnia Supplementary Course (Escola Industrial e Comercial de Faro) 1976 - Higher Diploma of l`Alliance Française 1982 - Certificate of the "Ecole Nationale Supérieur des Métiers d`Arte et des Arts Appliqués 2001 - Initial Teacher Training Course for Certificate Trainers

  • Professional experience

    1976 -Starting the experience in the art of stained glass with the Master of stained glass André Ropion.
    Specialization in painting and engraving on glass, according to the techniques used in different centuries.
    1977/78 - Frequency of several art schools in Paris
    26 Rue du Mont-Cenis - Paris XVI
    113, Rue Championnet - Paris XVIII
    18, Rue Ste Isaure - Paris XVIII
    Trainer in Pedagogical training course of Stained Glass (IEFP-Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional)

  • 1976-1980
    Accomplished works, in collaboration with the Masters: André Ropion, Guy Méliava, Emmanuel Chauche

    - Stained glass dome for the Ministry of Defence in Caracas (Model of the Venezuelan painter Bracho. 280 m2)
    - “Dalle de verre” (72m2) R.A.T.P. Paris la Defence (Model of Mathieu Bachelot and André Ropion)
    Works in mosaic from the authors:
    - Fred Zeller (40m2)
    - Henri Mthieu (35m2)
    - Dollet (12 m2)

  • 1981-1986
    Accomplished works (in collaboration with the Master Emmanuel Chauche):

    -Ste Marguerite Church (Le Vésinet) (model of Emmanuel Chauché)
    -Ste Leonard Church (Croissy / Seine) (model of Emmanuel Chauché)
    - Notre Dame Church (Chateou) (model of Emmanuel Chauché)


    -Ste Marguerite Church (le Vésinet); stained glass of the painter Lobin (120 m2) (1864-1905)
    -st. Léonard Chapel, XII Century, reconstitution of a stained glass from the eighteenth century

  • 1986/1992
    Started activity as a liberal profession in Paris

    - Execution of several stained glass for painters, such as:
    - Manuel Quintana (Venezuela)
    - Arana (Puerto Rico)

    Works done together with various masters in stained glass:
    - Louis René Petit (Orleans)
    - Martial Mayel (Honfleur)
    - André Ropion

  • Accomplished works (models of the authors mentioned above):

    - Beaugegency Castle
    - St. Sornin Church
    - de Bayeux Cathedral
    - St. Raphael Church
    - de Salbris Church
    - de Sénanque Abbey
    - St-Jean-du-Doigt Church
    - de Paray-le-Monial Abbey
    - de Montier-en-Der Abbey


    - Ste Marie du Mont Church
    - Du Canteleu Church
    - de Lisieux Minster
    - Notre Dame de Grâce de Honfleur Chapel
    - de Caen Cathedral
    - de Bayeux Cathedral
    - d'Orléans Cathedral
    - Reconstitution of the stained glass from palace Alexandre Dumas (Marly-le-Roi)

  • 1993
    Start of activity as a liberal profession in Portugal

    - Creation and restoration of several stained glass for numerous individuals, institutions, commercial premises
    - Gulbenkian Bar (Faro)
    - Tavira Romana Cake Shop (Tavira)
    - Tavirense Cake Shop (Tavira)
    - Atalaia Cafe (Faro)
    - Gargalo Restaurant (Faro)
    - Irlandês Bar (Vilamoura)


    - Santa Casa da Misericórdia Chapel (Torre-de-Natal Faro)
    - Centro Bem Estar Chapel (Olhão)
    - Matriz de Moncarapacho Church
    - Nossa Senhora do Rosário Church (Olhão)
    - Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes Church (Culatra)
    - Gueifães Church (Maia)
    - S. Pedro Church (Faro)
    - Vaqueiros Church
    - Martinlongo Church
    - Pias Church
    - Imaculado Coração de Maria Chapel, in Faro
    - Crato Church
    - Flor da Rosa Church
    - Herdade dos Grous Chapel (Beja)
    - S. João da Venda Church
    - S. Lourenço Church (Almancil)
    - Multipurpose room of S. Lourenço (Almancil)
    - Nossa S. da Luz Church (Santa Clara Velha)
    - Obra N. S. das Candeias Chapel(Olhão)
    - S. José da Diocese do Algarve Seminar
    - Alvares Church
    - Mortuary José Rosa & Filhos Chapel(Loulé)
    - S. Miguel Chapel (0lhão)
    - Sé in Faro
    - Matriz de Portimão Church
    - Olhão Town hall
    - Home for the Elderly (Portimão)


    - Matriz de Moncarapacho Church
    - Carmo Church (Faro)
    - Igreja de S. Pedro Church (Faro)
    - Secil (Setúbal)
    - Antas Church (Porto)
    - Carmelo de N. S. do Mundo (Patacão, Faro)
    - Bank of Portugal (Faro)

  • Shows

    1981 - Centre Internacional du Vitrail (Chartres)
    1982 - Neil Castle (Haute Vienne)
    1985 - St.Léonard Chapel (Croissy / Seine)
    1985 - Automne Hall, Grand Palais (Paris)
    1986 - Hall of Independent Artists, Grand Palais (Paris)
    - Galerie Alma (Paris)
    - Galerie de la Defense (Paris)
    1987 - Maison de la Culture de Nevers (House of Culture of Nevers)
    - Permanent exhibition in Honfleur (Normandie)
    1989 - Beauregard Castle (Caen)

  • 1994 - 2015
    Annual Shows

    - Lisboa International Fair (FIL)
    - Artesanatus (Porto)
    - Serra S. Brás de Alportel Fair
    - FATACIL (Lagoa)
    - FAARM (Moncarapacho)
    - Santarém
    - Seia
    - Portel
    - Loulé
    - Tavira
    - Gibraleon (Espanha)
    - Cartaya (Espanha)
    - Rociana del Condado (Espanha)
    1999 - Participation in the National Crafts Competition (FIL) Award: (Honorable mention)
    2000 - E.B. 2, 3 João da Rosa School(Olhão)
    - Faro Shopping (Faro)
    2009 - Albufeira Senior High School